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Lawn Service

Neglected, patchy, dried-out lawns don’t look or feel good. They have a negative impact on your property and become underutilized, decreasing the total usable square footage of your living space. If this description resembles your yard, it’s definitely time for lawn repair, renovation and rejuvenation.

Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Lawn Care Maintenance

If you are seriously considering maintaining your own lawn, you need a working knowledge of what tools you will require, as well as an education that teaches you the skills necessary to keep your lawn in fighting trim.

DIY Lawn Management

Before you make the all-important decision to go it alone when it comes to lawn maintenance, you need to decide whether you can realistically renew your lawn all by yourself. Lawn renewal and rejuvenation goes through several stages and requires specific tools and equipment. It makes sense that a lawn care service dedicated to this work will naturally be better equipped to handle these tasks and may be a viable option instead of renting machines from the local garden store and adding your own sweat equity to the job.

Lawn Maintenance Tools

Constant and consistent maintenance is essential to the proper upkeep of beautiful and functional lawns and gardens. You also need the right tools and equipment to get the job done: specially designed, quality gardening and lawn tools that are often only available from commercial sources. From the classic lawnmower to zero-turn and even robotic models, choosing the right equipment for your specific needs can be down right intimidating and purchasing a model that will weather more than one season before breaking down can add to the amateur lawn carer’s stress as well as eventually contributing to buyer’s remorse.

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Caring for your lawn is actually a year-round proposition. This includes lawn mowing, hedge maintenance, fertilizing, pest control, planting and re-seeding, patching with sod, raking and mulching as well as clearing away debris left from storms throughout the year. Having a well-maintainedproperty with lawns and gardens you can be proud of sounds like a worthwhile project, but the actual blood, sweat and tears needed to do the job right, may be far beyond your personal abilities or desires.

Choosing to Work With the Professionals

When you’ve yelled at the kids to mow thedarn lawn one too many times and are underwhelmed by their less than enthusiastic handiwork, it may be time to call in the professionals at Freedom Lawn Care. This will ensure the preservation of your valuable time and your sanity! Professional lawn care and maintenance providers have the experience and expertise to quickly and efficiently evaluate precisely what your lawn and gardens need to always look their best; through good weather and bad, pets and kids, pests and disease, as well as routine wear and tear.

In Conclusion…

The three “R’s” of routine lawn maintenance (Repair, Renew and Rejuvenate) can quickly take the stuffing out of the most enthusiastic home owner. If you are tired and have lost your patience, turn to the professionals at Freedom Lawn Care and let the experts figure out exactly what steps are necessary to get your lawn and gardens in the best shape of their lives, so you can sit back and enjoy the results, heedless of the time and energy it took to get them looking awesome!


Sod Service

Proper sod installation, irrigation and maintenance is a must to keep your lawn healthy, hydrated and well-rooted.


Patio and fire pit pavers

If your outdoor space fantasies include a beautiful area to dine, cook, or warm yourself during cooler weather, Freedom Lawn Care can help you design and install the outdoor “rooms” of your dreams!

YarD work

A nice yard reflects positively on your entire home and surrounding property. Hand all the work over to us for guaranteed “curb appeal”.


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