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Tree Service

If you have trees anywhere on your property, eventually you will need the help of a professional tree service. From maintenance as simple as turning back branches and dead wood, to removing a tree limb or entire tree, or even transplanting a tree on your property, it always pays to hire an insured professional in terms of time spent and protecting your home and property as well asthat of your neighbors, yourself and your loved ones from the very real and present danger that accompanies mosttree services.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Professional Tree Service

What is Your Budget?

You should always figure out a realistic budget before hiring a professional tree service. Tree maintenance and removal can be expensive depending on the extent and complexity of the job. There are all sorts of considerations when budgeting for tree services. These include whether you are looking to remove branches, stumps or an entire tree; the size of a tree you’d like to transplant as well as how extensively the area where the tree will be transplanted needs to be prepared; the location in terms of adjacent property, your home, electric wires, public roads, etc., of a tree you want to be removed in comparison to its height, weight and how many branches are involved. At the end of the day, you need a budget that covers all these eventualities and more before you get quotes from tree services. And always insist that the company come out and physically evaluate the job you need done before quoting a price.

Do Your Homework

When you enter the process of hiring a professional tree service you need to do extensive research on their background, reliability, health and safety records, as well as the insurance they carry, whether they will handle any and all permits, and what past customers have to say about them.Online reviews, local and vetted home care publications and guides as well as trusted word of mouth feedback from friends, neighbors and family are all good sources to check out the validity and quality of a professional tree service.

Make Sure Your Chosen Professional Tree Service IsInsured and Licensed

The bottom line is, because the business of tree maintenance and removal is an inherently dangerous process, you need to protect your property and yourself in case the worst-case scenario happens, and something goes wrong. Do not choose a professional tree service based on low cost compared to the competition. A low bid is almost certainly cause for concern in the professional tree service industry. You never want a tree service that cuts back or skips safety procedures that other services follow, and charge for. A through and detailed estimate will go a long way towards ensuring that you are contracting with licensed and insured professionals.

Schedule Enough Time to Check Out Your Tree Service Professional and Give Them Enough Time to Do The Job Correctly

Even in an emergency situation, such as when a tree has fallen on your property due to a storm, take the extra time to get the best possible professional for the job. Give yourself the time to thoroughly check out the service and then allow them the time they will need to do the job safely and thoroughly.

It Cannot Be Stressed Enough…

Never hire anyone LESS than a professional when it comes to tree service. The potential for damage, serious injury and/or death as well as lawsuits due to poor work ethics, professional standards or the lack of proper licensing and insurance is a very real threat you cannot afford to take a risk with by hiring an amateur.


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